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About half way into my cocktail, the bartender begins to look like the shrunken head that sits on the lit up shelf behind her. Frankie’s Tiki Room, a half mile off the Las Vegas strip, is known for it’s vintage Tiki interior and it’s Tiki drinks. The ‘Green Gasser’ that’s altering my perception is concocted of a lethal blast of 151-proof citrus rum and melon liquor. For my $20, I get to keep the cool ceramic mug it comes in. I like the ‘Bearded Clam’ mug, too but I don’t think I can handle the mojito in it.


The other night, I drew at Berkeley Rep’s wonderful production of ‘The Arabian Nights‘:

Back in 1979, I was commissioned by the Toronto Globe and Mail to create a series of drawings at the Loveboat Disco on King Street West. The art director wanted me to do clandestine drawings of the male strippers performing there. I was eager given that I was only doing courtroom drawings of long boring trials. I went with my girlfriend at the time since they only admitted women and couples. I drew in the dark while the music played and the women were hollering. Here are a few examples from my first (scandalous) reportage assignment.

Portland is not alone in it’s homeless problems. This woman was carries her belongings in a shopping cart till the shelter opens.

I call this Wayne Lincoln:

This Elvis impersonator and gardener never breaks character. I did several sketches of the faux king while he sang to ‘Blue, Blue Christmas” kareoke.