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Drawing my rep Bill Grigsby reading enroute to Manitoulin Island, Ontario via the Chi-Cheemaum Ferry.



Drawing of a glass artist at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma Washington. view animation


Portrait of visual journalist Gabi Campanario using the Sketchbook Pro app on the iPad. Gabi drew me.


These quick and moody sketches were created with the sketchbook pro app for the iPad.




Behind the Sinatra bar at Steve Wynn’s Encore in Las Vegas, the big screen shows Frank singing ‘One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)’. Steve, my bartender appropriately sets up a Jack Daniels on the rocks. “You’d never know it but buddy, I’m kind of an artist and I got a lot of things to draw,” I tell him. He must get those references all the time.

Spectators at this performance were provided drawing materials.

A view of the River Avon and canal from above in Bath, England.

A castle in Cardiff, Wales

The West Usk Lighthouse

James let me draw him as he spoke on his cell.